Top Workplaces

October 13, 2023

Absolute Group is honored to be selected as an Iowa Top Workplace.

At Absolute Group, we don’t often brag about awards and accolades. We don’t search out spotlights to stand in while demanding attention. We don’t often look for praise or affirmation beyond the respect of our customers and industry partners. We got our start nearly 25 years ago as a small hustle and grind concrete outfit. At our core, that is who we remain. In fact, it is built into our core values.




Over the course of 25 years, we have grown to meet the demands of our customers. From our origins doing backyard concrete jobs to now, more than 400 team members strong working across a diverse range of specialties, we take immense pride in maintaining a small crew feel. Absolute Group offers our customers expertise in Commercial Concrete, Municipal Concrete, Residential Concrete, Underground Infrastructure, Erosion Control and Site Management, and Construction Management. We are among the industry leaders in our field for one reason. The people who show up every day, dedicated to excellence, and accepting the unique challenges that a career in construction presents.

  It is with great pride in our people that we share Absolute Group’s honor of being selected as one of Iowa’s Top Workplaces for 2023. A big reason this means so much to us is because this recognition doesn’t come from the outside. It isn’t subjective and based on external factors. Iowa’s Top Workplaces are determined exclusively through the feedback of the people who know organizations best. The people who are behind the scenes, doing the work, and are truly experts on a company’s culture. They live it every day and are the lifeblood of Absolute Group.



Don’t get us wrong, we value and appreciate all the accolades that we receive. From Safety Recognition to Best in Parking Lot Paving, or Excellence in Concrete trophies that are awarded by industry associations, we are grateful for the recognition of our work.

As background for the importance of recognition that comes from within, Top Workplaces are determined by a third-party survey that goes to all employees. Organizations are judged based solely on the survey responses with a qualifying minimum response rate of 35%. If organizations meet the response rate qualifier, they are then grouped into small, medium, and large categories based on total number of employees. Survey responses are measured against national benchmarks generated from more than 27 million survey responses over the last 17 years. Only those organizations with responses that exceed this measure are selected as Top Workplaces.

Nearly 70% of Absolute Group team members participated in the survey, which is amazing. We were grouped into the medium-sized business category and when all the results were tabulated, our team made it clear that we are one of Iowa’s Top Workplaces.


What is most impressive about this recognition of culture is that our workplace isn’t like most workplaces.

Our teams are spread out all over the state of Iowa. Often moving from one worksite to another, and another, and another. This presents unique challenges in developing and maintaining a culture that people believe in and amplify. To do this, an organization must have a few key elements in place. First is unwavering support from the highest levels of the company. Next is leadership that promotes culture, teaches the Absolute Group way, and demonstrates the way through personal accountability. Last but certainly not least is a workforce that buys in and carries a peer-to-peer message of doing things the right way.


The Absolute Group team is essentially made of many smaller teams. Teams within a team can often result in silos and a pull away from a core culture. The simple fact that 70% of our people responded to a survey inquiry and were overwhelmingly positive in their feedback is astounding and a testament to our way of doing business. At Absolute Group we believe that culture wins. That approach has earned us the right to call ourselves one of Iowa’s Top Workplaces.

Thank you to all Absolute Group team members for your belief and dedication. We are extremely proud of who we are, what we represent, and the results that show when we are all pulling in the same direction.



Absolute Group offers a full range of municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential construction solutions. We are proud to field the best teams in full-site development, excavating, infrastructure construction, trucking, footings and poured foundation walls, concrete pumping, concrete flatwork and paving at any scale, structured cabling, stormwater pollution prevention, landscaping, and site restoration. We are proud to boast the best teams in the industry and equip them with the latest state-of-the-art tools to do exceptional work.