100% Employee Owned

Absolute Group isn’t like any other construction company in the area. We are built on the idea that our team members should profit from their hard work. That is why we are 100% employee owned. No other construction employer can compete with Absolute Group in this regard.

We care about our team members and want the best for you, both while you are a member of our team and after you retire. This is a very competitive industry. We know you are in high demand and have your pick of employers. You owe it to yourself to weigh a complete offer. Don’t just look at the pay rate. That only tells part of your compensation story, and you are worth more than that to us.

Absolute Group offers competitive pay packages that compare favorably with anyone in the industry. Where we really separate ourselves is in the fact that our employees are actual shareholders and therefore realize the profits from the hard work that they put in to create happy customers and a company that is as proud of them as they are of it. Your hard work is going to benefit someone. Why shouldn't that someone be YOU?

Ask one of our current employee-owners. They will tell you why Absolute Group is a great career choice and family. Not just a job.