Absolute Group opens new operations hub in Granger, IA.

September 6, 2022

Absolute Group Already Growing in Granger, IA.

Absolute Group recently moved into our new 17-acre, 54,000 square foot facility in Granger, IA. We began construction in 2021 with a plan to bring together various locations, totaling almost 200 employees, under one roof. As we have examined our current business and forecast for growth, we have decided that the Granger location will become our main hub of operations and will now be home to more than 300 Absolute Group team members.

This project was led by Absolute Group's Construction Management team and serves as a showcase for our entire suite of services. The efficiencies gained as a result of this move will have an immediate and beneficial impact on operations. It allows us to consolidate multiple shop locations down to one central hub with enough room for equipment and materials at one location. Gone are the days of shifting equipment around to get to the piece that is needed. We will now have space to grow and flexible space to deal with changes and needs as they arise without the hassle of multiple, outdated, and undersized facilities.

The new facility is state-of-the-art with features designed to streamline operations. For instance, we are trading in cobwebs and outdated equipment for overhead indoor cranes, a complete Lubetech System, and a dedicated wash bay. We will also benefit from a centralized parts room and logistics operation to keep everything moving and organized. Added benefits include new break areas for employees, training and onboarding areas, multi-use areas and most importantly, a single space bringing multiple operations together.

Absolute Group CEO, Sonny Hall said, “We knew that building in Granger would serve as a launch pad for Absolute Group. This new state-of-the-art facility has made it easy for us to bring more of our operations together and will be a catalyst for efficiency and growth. Our team is already realizing many benefits of this transition and we look forward to the impact of this strategic move in serving our customers.”