From Six to One.

September 6, 2022

Bringing it all together

It has been a long-time coming. From the beginning as Absolute Concrete through 23 years of growth, learning, and putting in the work, we are finally ready to bring it all together under one brand. In 2014 we created Absolute Group to represent all of our entities and offer our team members a chance to own a piece of their professional legacy. Officially taking effect as of January 2023, our individual identities of Absolute Concrete, Carruth Construction, GreenTech, Absolute Infrastructure, and Absolute Solutions will be absorbed into one brand and will represent Absolute Group in everything we do.


This transition from six companies to one opens many doors. As Absolute Group, we eliminate unnecessary obstacles to success. We will be able to combine many behind-the-scenes processes that will save time. We will be able to share resources more efficiently and that allows us to serve our customers with greater efficiency. It opens up career paths for our talented employee-owners and breaks down silos. This enhances our ability to serve our team members and customers by setting us up to be the best that we can be.

Why now?

Because the time is right. For a long time, we kept the individual identities of the six companies intact with the thought that we may eventually sell one off. Now, we are right where we want to be. Our diversity of services is a strength, a point of pride, and we have no intent to sell any piece of our organization.

What happens now?

As Absolute Group we will continue to produce the quality work that we always have. We will continue to advocate for our clients, partners, and team members in all that we do. In short, we will keep doing things the Absolute Way.